Artist To Watch: Klassik Is Back With A Preview Of Summer

The rapping Milwaukee native is back with some new tunes. Klassik’s Summer” EP is set to be released this year.

klassic pic edited 2

It will be the third EP in his “Seasons” series. Klassik stayed true to his sound in this 3 song EP. If you are looking for a nice change of pace from traditional hip hop, Klassik is your guy. His lyrics are not about how much money he has or the last girl he smashed. Instead his lyrics are thought provoking and positive. “Stageslayer” is the first visual from the “Summer” EP. What is a Stageslayer you ask? A Stageslayer is an artist who can take command of any size stage. In the video, Klassik does just that. The video was directed by Nick Drew of Couch Fire Films, and produced in conjunction with Klass Act Production.  You can check out all of Klassik’s EP’s on his SoundCloud, but in the meantime check out the visual of “Stageslayer” below. Don’t forget to weigh in and let me know what you think.