Artist To Watch: Klassik Releases “Seasons”

Klassik is at it again. This Milwaukee mastermind has released the final installment of his seasonally themed EPs.

klassic pic edited

Seasons” was released in July of this year, and fans of Klassik’s music have now come full circle on this musical adventure. Throughout the year Klassik has released EPs to make the listener reflect on the emotions of that particular season. Now with the release of “Seasons”, fans are realizing the message Klassik was trying to portray was much deeper than it appeared. According to Klassik’s Bandcamp site:

“…the true underlying motif: the coming and going of people in our lives, and how that affects our own growth and understanding of human nature.”

This series has been a true representation of Klassik’s style. Like I have said before, Klassik’s lyrics are a representation of life situations that everyone can relate to. His music does not focus on the amount of money he has, or how many times he can disrespect a woman in one song.

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If you are new to Klassik’s music, you can check out my other reviews here and here. Or check out the official video for “Hi Klass” below. As usual let me know what you think in the comments.