Celebrities React To An Election That Has Rocked A Nation

The 2016 Presidential election will go down in the history books. This election has seen a lot of mudslinging, dirty politics, and the misrepresentation of facts. The road to this election seemed to divide the nation in half. Everyone choose sides and tried to convince the other why their candidate was the best. Celebrities even got involved by making appearances at rallies and giving concerts in honor of the candidate that they supported.

Yesterday, the 2016 Presidential Election Day had finally arrived. Some Americans stood in line for hours to make sure that their voice was heard and their votes were cast. The race was neck and neck and to close to call most of the night. Today Americans are waking up to an outcome that many were not expecting. I’m sure everyone’s social media timelines have been flooded with reactions on the outcome of the election. While most celebrities tend to keep their political views to themselves because they don’t want to offend fans, this election had all the celebs talking. Many celebrities that have shown their support for Hillary Clinton throughout the election have taken to their social media to voice their opinions about Trump being elected into office.

Celebrities React

Katy Perry was one of the first celebrities to share her reaction with her fans. Katy’s first post on Twitter read,

“Do not sit still. Do not weep. MOVE. We are not a nation that will let HATE lead us.” Katy followed that post with a Tweet that read, “WE WILL NEVER BE SILENCED. #LOVETRUMPSHATE”.

A post from Katy Perry's Twitter Account
Courtesy: Katy Perry’s Twitter Account


Writer and producer, Judd Apatow, also took to Twitter to vent his reaction with the following Tweet:

“After the wonderful Obamas it is going to be horrifying to see that awful family in the White House. It’s like a John Waters movie.”

A post from Judd Apatow's Twitter Account
Courtesy: Judd Apatow’s Twitter Account


Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeted,

“I’m taking tonight to grieve for minorities, women, immigrants, Muslims & the LGBTQ community but tomorrow I’m waking up ready to fight.”

Post from Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Twitter Account
Courtesy: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Twitter Account


Comedian and actor Seth MacFarlane also voiced his opinion with the following Tweet:

“Some didn’t like Bush. Some didn’t like Obama. But this is different. Forget dislike. Many are genuinely fearful now. This is new.”

A post from Seth MacFarlane's Twitter Account
Courtesy: Seth MacFarlane’s Twitter Account


So, what are your thoughts? Did the election turn out the way you expected? Are you satisfied with America’s newest President? Let me know in the comments.


By Ronda Brooks