Don’t Call Him A DJ: Trey Smith Says He Is Much More

Looks like another one of the Smith clan has been bitten by the music industry bug. Will Smith’s oldest son, Trey Smith, has decided to dabble in the music scene.

trey smith

The 22 year old has been traveling the world, and showing off his turn table skills, but don’t get it twisted…Trey Smith, whose stage name is AcE, is not a DJ.

trey smith 3

According to a press release,

Trey “AcE” Smith is not a DJ. He is the one others depend on to get their party started with a tapestry of beats he weaves together like no one else. But don’t be confused. Trey “AcE” Smith is NOT a DJ. What AcE is in fact, is a Master artist-in-training. It doesn’t matter that he comes from a musical lineage; AcE says he will never consider himself proficient at this thing called music ‘because you have to keep practicing this craft.’ And along those same lines, he will never consider himself simply a DJ. The title is just to limiting. Too stifling for what he has in mind.”

Um, call me crazy, but that press release describes a DJ to me. (LOL) Well, in efforts to prove that he is indeed more than a DJ; Trey showed the world the range of his musical ability by releasing a song. Earlier this month, Trey showed the world who his “Woman Crush Wednesday” was by releasing a party anthem song in her honor.  On September 4th, Trey released a song called, “Blame It On Beyoncé”.

According to Trey,

Blame It On Beyoncé ” is a song that’s inspired by the impact Beyoncé has made on pop culture…from women to fashion and music, her presence is felt everywhere.”

The song features singer DeCarlo, and you can check it out below. As always let me know what you think.