[Episode Recap] Married To Medicine- “New Beginnings”

Lisa Nicole is burning up with baby fever; Dr. Simone wants Quad’s uterus to house a baby; and Quad wants her body to remain a baby free zone.  That pretty much sums up all the drama that unfolded in the first episode of season four of “Married To Medicine”. If you missed the premeire last night, don’t worry I have your full recap right here.

Married to Medicine - Season 3

The show begins with a teaser. There is a young baby in Quad’s house. Yes, you read that right. Ms. Anti-baby has a youngin in her humble abode. It turns out that the baby does not belong to Quad; instead the baby is Quad’s nephew. Quad has decided to help her brother out and let him and his family move in with her. Dr. Greg seems overjoyed to have a baby in the house and I’m sure that will add pressure to Quad later in the season. Maybe Quad thought having an actual baby in the house would buy her a little time from having one of her own.

Dr. Jackie and her husband are riding around town looking for a new house. The couple sold their house and are looking for a new place of residence. Dr. Jackie wants to find something in the city and has become rather accustomed to apartment living. While her husband on the other would like space and desires to find another house.

Toya and her hubby pay a visit to their new business endeavor. The couple drive to their Replenish I.V. Spa to take a walk through. While there, Toya wants her hubby to basically tell her that the new business will be a success. Toya goes on to express her concerns about their bills that need to be taken care off.

Dr. Heavenly sitting at her desk at her dental practice
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Dr. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole meet up to pay a visit to Dr. Jackie’s office. Lisa has decided that she once again would like to be with child and seeks Dr. Jackie’s advice and assistance. I’m not sure what is going on with Atlanta but baby fever is becoming a full fledged epidimic in that town amongts the over 35 crowd. I guess after seeing Kandi’s (RHOA) baby, Dr. Jackie is now seen as some sort of pregnancy Goddess. Anyway, Dr. Jackie reminds Lisa that she has a few problems that will cause her to have a very high risk pregnancy if she should chooses to move forward. Lisa listens to all the risk but decides that she wants to move foraward anyway. So Dr. Jackie suggest that Lisa bring her husband in for testing to make sure that his boys are swimming and not in wheel chairs. Lisa ends the visit by inviting the ladies to a dinner party in honor of her trying to conceive a baby.

Dr. Simone reveals that she is now a double homeowner. Dr. Simone now has what she calls the “South” house and the “North” house. Simone and hubby decided to purchase another house to cut down on their children’s commute to and from school. According to Simone, her kids had to commute to and from school and hour each way. The new house is located down the street from the kid’s school, and Dr. Simone’s hubby thinks she loves having the old house to herself at times.

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Quad visits Toya for a little lunch and girl talk. Quad decides to tell Toya how she has let her brother and his family live with her for the time being. Toya is surprised because she never knew that Quad even had a sibling. I guess Toya was in a sharing mood too because she decided to tell Quad about her tax problems. Toya told Quad that her and her husband owe the IRS around six figures. Toya blamed everything on the negligent work of the couple’s attorney.

Lisa and her hubby have a chat about their new addition to the family. Lisa tells her husband how she went to see Dr. Jackie and he basically freaks out. Apparently, he did not think that his wife was serious about having another child when they discussed it earlier. Lisa’s husband also reminds her about her medical issues and tells her that a pregnancy at her age would be very high risk. Lisa again sticks to her guns and doesn’t care. Lisa wants another baby and her husband relunctly gives agrees with her.

Quad’s Uterus Is The Hit Of The Party

The celebration of life party day arrives and you can tell the shade storm is brewing in the air. Lisa is wearing one of her dresses from her signature line and explains that she is always a walking billboard for her company. Lisa has also recruited models to wear her signature line while walking around the party greeting guest. The ladies arrived to the party one by one and they all took notice of Lisa’s fashion and started throwing shade. I must admit the dresses did have a sort of 1980’s prom flare about them. During the party, Lisa’s husband revealed to the guys that he wasn’t exactly all the way on board with expanding his family. That conversation continued and got heated after Lisa made a speech telling everyone that their new venture was not going to be an easy one. The guest needed an umbrella because the shade started flying left and right! Dr. Heavenly was the first at bat with the shade throwing. Heavenly wanted to know what age was to old to have a baby. Toya and her husband were next up to bat. They decided to hit Lisa with a little tag team action. Eugene started things off with saying that women in their 60’s with a ten year old look worn down. He went on to say that they looked like they were the child’s grandmother rather than the mother. Toya helped her husband out by adding that since Lisa’s nanny was going to be taking care of the new baby she would be fine. Of course Lisa took offense to the comments being thrown at her and tried to defend herself by saying that her nanny didn’t raise her children. Lisa’s excuses didn’t stop Toya from trying to hit a homerun. Toya added that her marriage was fine and that she was not the one having problems with her husband. That’s when Dr. Simone came onto the mound. Simone threw a curve ball that landed right in Quad’s lap. Simone managed to change the entire conversation to the fact that Quad was childless. Things got very heated very quickly and voices began to rise. Simone told Quad that she needed to go ahead and give her husband a baby and Quad basically told Simone that she needed to mind her own business.

Well, I guess we will have to wait until next week to see how this brawl will end.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Lisa’s husband really wants another child? Do you think Simone should stop watching Quad’s uterus? Let me know in the comments.

By Ronda Brooks