Meant To Be

Kontrol Exclusive: Meant To Be – On A Mission To Bring Back That R & B Sound

You know that feeling you get when you hear a good song on the radio? That perfect song that can describe your whole world in four minutes or less. Most would say that today’s music is lacking that certain quality that makes it infectious to your soul. With all the trap music and twerking anthems today, it makes it hard to find a song that really resonates with your soul. People are yearning for a different sound. Luckily, Philly boy band, Meant To Be has come to our rescue. Meant To Be has made it their mission to bring back that classic R&B sound to this generation.

R&B singing group Meant To Be

Meant To Be is the newest group to hit the music scene. The group is comprised of four young men from Philly who have a dynamic sound. The group’s members are Ahmire “Mire” Allen, Martell “Dash” Waiters, Devonttae “Tae” White, and Karon “Rizzy” White. These young men have faced many trials and tribulations but they have not let their struggles deter them from chasing their dreams. Meant To Be is well on their way to stardom and have already opened up for June’s Diary and R. Kelly. The group recently filmed their third music video, “Do Your Thing”, but took time out of their busy schedule to speak with us regarding their music and their mission.

Rizzy, the youngest of the group, gave us the rundown on how the group came together.

“Our manager, James “NeJcion” Davis, was an artist himself. He was in a group and after he got finished with his career, he decided to manage a group. He had a vision and he brought all of us together. NeJcion and our co-manager, Tanya “Tee Marie” Miller, molded the group Meant To Be. That’s how we all met. We grew a bond and became brothers. We have been doing it ever since.”

Learning To Work Together

Bringing together four different personalities isn’t always an easy task. Rizzy explains how the guys have learned to overcome obstacles and keep their focus on their craft.

“We have overcome obstacles by growing with each other and bonding with each other. We got to know each other and how each other acts. It has gotten hard at times, but we pushed through it and stuck together. We grew a bond and a true relationship. It’s like we became brothers.”

R&B group Meant To BeAccording to Rizzy, the music industry was not as glamorous as they first thought it would be. The guys quickly realized that being in the music industry involved hard work and determination in order for them to make a name for themselves.

“When we first started out, we thought that we were just going to do some songs and perform at some places and become known. We learned what is was to be an artist. We learned, we practiced, and we found out what dedication really means. We thought it was going to be easy because of our gifts that we had. We learned that there was more to it than that. As soon as we learned that, we began to work harder and began to understand that the industry is really hard to get into. We knew then that we needed to work hard, be dedicated, and stick together. Now, we are dedicated, we are strong, and we love music.  It’s our passion.”

Feedback Is Everything

With being a boy band, the guys get compared to legendary groups such as Boyz II Men and Jodeci. The guys enjoy the comparison to their musical idols and are on a mission to revitalize that legendary sound while making it fresh for their generation. Rizzy explains how since being on this journey their feedback has been really positive.

“Majority of our feedback is positive. Every now and then you may get someone saying something negative, but it’s because they may not know who we are. People that do know who we are stay positive…When we all sing together we get great feedback, ‘You guys sound really good, you remind me of old boy groups that we don’t have anymore.’ We are trying to bring back that sound people are missing from male groups that haven’t been out in a while.”

R&B group Meant To Be

You can keep up with what the guys are doing by following their social media here. Also check out their new single “Do Your Thing” below, and it’s available now on iTunes.

By Ronda Brooks