[Kontrol Exclusive] Teenear: Miami’s Shining Star

Everything is hot in Miami. This sultry city has hot fashion, hot people, and even hot music. So of course Miami native Teenear fits right in. Teenear is Slip-N-Slide Record’s newest artist and she is already giving the people a run for their money. Recently, Teenear sat down with Kontrol  to give us the exclusive on her newest single and her career.

Singer Teenear

Teenear has a unique pop sound and her lyrics are relatable to many young women across the globe. Recently, Teenear released her latest single “Last Night” and it’s sure to become the girl anthem of the year.

“The person I was working with, Ali, he’s the other writer of the song. I came into the studio hearing him sing “Last Night” over and over again, and I sat there and I thought of just things that I know people go through. And I feel like a lot of people can relate to being in on and off relationships for whatever reasons. I feel like this song is just for the girl who has gotten to the point where she realizes that she is over it. She doesn’t need him. She’s found her worth and she knows that she is bigger than that relationship. The ultimate independence song and her just saying that she can still do her by herself.”

Teenear’s Passion

Teenear has been singing since she was 5 years old and has always dreamed of pursuing a singing career. She tells us how her dreams have now become reality and how she remains on top of her game.

“You definitely have to put everything into it. You have to put a lot of hard work into it. A lot of time. Because it’s the second that you sit down…so much can happen. So you have to make sure your head is all in it and that you’re all in it. To make sure that you can put your best out there at all times. It’s a lot of fun though. Especially once you get to actually put yourself into all of your projects and see how it all comes out. It’s a good feeling to see your vision come to pass.”

Singer Teenear

Although Teenear has that hot Miami style, some of her biggest music influences are Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.

“My biggest [influences] are Michael Jackson and Beyoncé. Simply because they started at such at young ages and they grew up and built a brand. That’s my ultimate goal. At the end of the day, I want to be able to build a brand that’s beyond me and they’ve done that amazingly. Like Michael Jackson is gone and we are still talking about him and Beyoncé still has her thing going. They are so much more than just music. That’s what I want to do for myself.”

All About Girl Power

Being a young artist today, social media has a big role in every artist’s career. Teenear explains how she juggles social media with her career.

“It’s actually pretty cool right now. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m overwhelmed yet. I love it. I haven’t gotten a lot of negative feedback. Since I started there’s probably been 5 people at the most that have had something to say. But with everything else I have really good supporters.”

Teenear prides herself on empowering other women and being a positive role model. She wants her fans to know her as being real and good spirited.

“I’m a really positive person and I like portraying that in front of everyone, because it’s so easy with this generation to fall into different things.  There is so much negativity all the time. You need to have someone that is just positive in your life and that’s what I want to be for a lot of different people especially girls. I feel like with social media it’s so easy to like say ‘oh that’s how I’m suppose to look’ or ‘that’s how I’m suppose to sound’. You don’t need to do that. Just be who you are. I just want to be that person that girls can look up to and know that you can be yourself.”

Be on the lookout for Teenear’s upcoming EP entitled “Point Of No Return” which will feature a collaboration with rapper Fetty Wap. Until then you can check out her single “Last Night” below, and you can also follow her on social media here and here.

By Ronda Brooks