Lil Mo’s Freaky Elevator Ride

Some of these celebrities have taken sharing with their fans to a whole other level. I know that “sharing is caring“, but some celebrities need to stop “caring” so much!

lil mo

Recently, R & B Divas LA star Lil Mo shared way too much with her fans on Instagram by posting a very naughty picture. The R & B singer posted a picture of her and her boo in an elevator with the following caption:

“daddy wanted a handful before we got to the room. Ayeeee #risky @dynamiteko iLove being his thot”


I will give you second to compose yourself, and close your mouth. I know what you’re thinking…Did Lil Mo really post that picture, and did she just call herself a THOT? Yes, she did. That post is disturbing on so many levels. Lil Mo has a reputation for being “extra”, but I think this is taking it too far. So, what do you say….do you think Lil Mo should have posted this pic? Do you think she should refer to herself as a THOT?