New Artist Alert: Nick de la Hoyde

Thanks to the wonderful advancements of technology, you can literally be whatever you want. If you want to be a model, you no longer have to move to New York in hopes of being discovered. Start posting your portfolio pictures on Instagram or other social media. If you want to be a comedian, no need to move to Los Angeles. Start a Youtube channel, and you are on your way. The same goes for today’s music artists and musicians. Hip-Hop artists and rappers no longer have to reside on the East or West Coast.  They can live anywhere in the world.


That brings me to Nick de la Hoyde. Nick is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Australia. Yes, you read that right…Australia. I know what you’re thinking…Here we go again with another Iggy Azealia. I must admit I thought the same thing. Then I reminded myself not to prejudge, and to listen to his music with an open mind. Unlike Iggy, Nick doesn’t claim to be in the “Murda Business” nor does he claim to be from the hard hitting streets of Sydney. Instead he is just a 20 year old singer/songwriter/rapper who has a love for hip-hop.

Nick’s sound has been described as a new genre that mixes pop, soul, and R & B with a dash of spoken word. Yeah, I know that is a lot to swallow, but technically it is not new. If you think about it, we have heard this style before….think Floetry, PM Dawn, Digible Planets.  I guess we can let Nick slide for thinking he created a new music genre; besides he probably wasn’t born when those groups were hot and poppin.

Check out Nick’s singles, “By My Side” and “The Longest Way” below, and let me know what you think of his sound.