It’s Official: Katt Williams Has Lost His Mind

Well, once again comedian Katt Williams has been involved in an altercation. I know what you’re saying…What’s the big deal…This has become a weekly thing for Katt. Well, what makes this altercation slightly different is the victim was a teenager. Yes, I said victim because Katt Williams is a grown child size man.

katt 2

Katt Williams is old enough to know how to control his anger and walk away from a child talking smack. A video surfaced today, showing Katt Williams fighting what is reported to be a 15-year-old boy.  The video shows Katt Williams sucker punching the teen, and the teen putting Katt into a choke hold. The fight is then broken up by bystanders, and Katt starts signing autographs like nothing happened. Katt insists that he is not under the influence of any drugs, but lately, he has been acting like he is on every drug under the sun! In the famous words of Rick James, “Crack is a hell of a drug!”  I still say this behavior is a cry for help. Well, take a look at the video below and let me know what you think. Did Katt go to far this time?

(Video Source: World Star Hip Hop/Youtube)