Say What? Tiffany Whyte Claims To Be Janet Jackson’s Secret Love Child

So, for years we have heard the rumors regarding singer Janet Jackson’s secret love child. Allegedly Janet had the child when she briefly married fellow singer James DeBarge. Janet has never confirmed this rumor; in fact, she usually ignores it or refuses to comment on it whenever it is brought up. Thirty-one year old Tiffany Whyte has stepped out of the shadows and is claiming to be that very child.

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Say What?

Recently, a woman has come forth stating that the rumor is very true because she is indeed that secret love child. Tiffany Whyte sat down with Radar Online and explained to them how she was the product of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge union. According to Radar Online,

“I’ve been kept a secret a very long time,” Tiffany told Radar in a bombshell interview. “I want people to know the truth.”

“[Janet] has been denying me for many years,” Whyte told Radar. “I waited 31 years.”

“I want people to know the truth,” she insisted. “Now it’s time for me to tell my truth.”

Tiffany told Radar that she first came to believe she was Jackson’s heir roughly seven years ago, when she was approached by a woman claiming to be the famous singer. Having grown up in the state foster system, Tiffany never knew her real parents, and the messages seemed like a miracle.

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In recent weeks, Whyte’s alleged grandmother, Etterlene DeBarge, announced that she and Tiffany have taken their own test, and it was a match. So what will happen if this one comes back positive, too?

“I don’t want to get famous off of this. Trust me, I don’t,” Whyte told Radar. “I just want my mother. I want my father.”

“I want to know the truth,” she begged. “I want to know her!”

Ms. Whyte claims to have DNA from her grandmother which proves that Janet is her mother. So, I am no DNA expert but I’m pretty sure it defies the laws of nature to be older than your mother. I just have to say, by the looks of things I’m just not convinced.

Tiffany Whyte Claims to be secret love child
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So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Tiffany Whyte could actually be Janet’s secret love child? Let me know in the comments.

By Ronda Brooks