Spotify To Release New Rap Show ‘Traffic Jams’

The music streaming service Spotify is trying to break its way into show business. In efforts to compete with Apple Music’s Carpool Karoake, Spotify has come up with its own musical show. Recently, Spotify premiered a trailer for its new rap show called Traffic Jams.

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The show will feature a different rapper and producer each episode. The rapper and producer duo will be challenged to create an original song while in the middle of Los Angeles rush hour traffic. Once the team completes their song, they will be required to perform their new hit in front of a jam packed audience.

And The Contestants Are…

Already slated to make an appearance on the show is D.R.A.M, Southside, Joey Bada$$, T-Pain, Pell, Melo-X, and Illmind. The show will be hosted by comedian DoBoy who is also the driver of the musical team during their ride through Los Angeles. DoBoy also provides some commentary while the musical geniuses are working through their creative process.

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Traffic Jams is set to make its debut on April 4th. The first episode will feature rapper T-Pain partnered up with producer Southside. The new show is a part of Spotify’s efforts to revamp their services. Soon the streaming service will be restricting access to certain new releases, and only allowing paid users to access them. This change is due to the harsh criticism that the company has received from its users. Paid users have complained that free users are allowed a ton of access to extensive catalogs and new albums. The restrictions should be in effect in a few months.

Rapper T-Pain and Producer Southside
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Traffic Jams is produced by All Def Digital which is owned by hip hop legend and mogul Russell Simmons. New episodes of the new rap show will be released every week. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the upcoming show below.

By Ronda Brooks