Controversial Cover Art Stirs Up Feelings In The Capital City

Back in December of 2013, tragedy struck Montgomery, Alabama. An up and coming rapper by the name of Doe B was shot and killed while at the Centennial Bar & Grill. At the time of his death, Doe had a huge local following and was just on the verge of making his name nationally known with his remix single “Let Me Find Out”. The “Let Me Find Out” remix featured rapper T.I. and Juicy J.

It’s been a little over three years since the rapper’s untimely death, but an upcoming album release has stirred up emotions all over the Capital City. One last Doe B album entitled “No Life After Death” is scheduled to be released in June of this year. Fans have been excited about the anticipated album, but last week fans became divided. DJ Frank White, friend and manager of Doe B, released a potential album cover for the upcoming album via his Instagram account.

Slain rapper Doe B
Courtesy: Google Images

The Controversy

The album cover pictured the late rapper in a casket during his funeral. Most would say that the cover idea was sort of paying homage to the late rapper Biggie Smalls. The album cover is very similar to Biggie’s album cover entitled “Life After Death”. However, a lot of fans didn’t see it that way at all and felt that the cover was very disrespectful. Of course, Frank White received tons of backlash about the cover which he states was approved by Doe’s mother.

White eventually took the post down and made a statement that there would no longer be an album coming out. Later, White posted the following statement via Instagram providing his rationale behind the controversial cover.

DJ Frank White
Courtesy: DJ Frank White’s Instagram Account


In his statement, White refers to the album cover being a conversation starter and a way to remind people of what the city “did to him [Doe B]”.  Eventually, everything was settled when rapper T.I. added his two cents into the mix. The Grand Hustle rapper posted a video to his social media explaining to everyone that there will be a final Doe B album, it will not have the cover of the late rapper in the casket, and that the cover that was released was unauthorized.


Rapper Doe B
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Recently, DJ Frank White felt the need to clear his name so to speak. So, he decided to go on FaceBook Live and Youtube to share his side of the story. You can check out his video response below.


So, what are your thoughts? Were you down for that album cover? Did you feel like the cover was disrespectful? Let me know in the comments.

By Ronda Brooks